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The 12 Essential Student Items

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Apart from the really obvious things like bedding and clothes, these are the 12 things every student absolutely must have.

1) Stock pot

A stock pot is a massive saucepan with a handle on either side,perfect for making one-pot dinners, like a jambalaya or stew. They’re also ideal for cooking a massive batch of something and freezing it for later - exactly what you wants needed at university.

2) Casserole dish

If you’re not using your stock pot, it’ll be because you’re making a pasta bake - a staple of student dinners. You’ll need a large ovenproof casserole dish, plus ideas for making it a bit more interesting than just pasta and cheese.

3) Tupperware

Stock pots and casserole dishes are for making big, family dinners. The point of doing that at university is threefold. they let you:

Save money by turning a set of ingredients into four or five meals

Cut down the time and effort you have to spend cooking (and washing up)

Fill up your freezer with food so you’ll always have something to eat

Go for the medium to large sizes, and get the glass ones if you can find them cheap enough.

4) Running shoes

You’ll spend a lot of time on your feet as a student. It's an old expression that still ring true today, that 'A healthy body= a healthy mind' The gym, a good jog, or a long walk are also great for relieving stress. So pack some good running trainers - your feet will thank you.

5) Headphones

Whether you need relaxing music or concentration-boosting white noise, you won't want to be without a pair of headphones during your time at Uni.

6) LED candles

While real candles are not allowed in student accommodation, Relaxation and down-time are vital at university, when so much of your time is taken up with deep thinking. And when you want to unwind, the ‘big’ light just won’t do. Get some LED candles or tealights and bask in the warm, soft glow.

7) Water bottle

There’s a good reason we’re constantly being told to drink more water. Dehydration makes us tired and sloppy - two things you don’t want to be as a student. Get yourself a reusable water bottle and, if it’s plastic, make sure it’s BPA-free.

8) Reusable coffee cup

Need a coffee before you can function? A daily flat white will cost a staggering amount of money over an academic year, and all those single-use cups are terrible for the environment. Get a nice cup, buy some instant, make your own, save money, heal the world.

9) Backpack

Hollywood movies are full of college students clutching books and binders as they skip across campus. Back in the UK, we’ve got that rain. Invest in a backpack now and do your books - and back - a favour. You’ll use it every day, so get a good one.

10) Dressing gown

Shared living means there’s a real possibility of seeing a flatmate on a late night dash to the toilet/fridge. Take a dressing gown so you can leave your room without exposing your dignity.

11) Ear plugs

Another fact of shared living: different schedules. Some people are night owls, others cherish their 8.5 hours’ sleep. One solution is foam ear plugs. But please use carefully.

12) Laundry bag with handles

Those fancy wooden and wicker laundry baskets might look nice, but at uni you’ll want something more practical. You’ll want something that doubles up as a laundry carrier, so you can easily get your things to and from the laundry room.

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