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Liverpool, an exciting place to start your university life.

Our student guide to student life in Liverpool will tell you what you can do to make the most of your university life in Liverpool....

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Ranked by Rough Guides  as one of the friendliest in the UK and the 3rd best to visit worldwide, Liverpool is one of the fastest growing and most diverse cities in the UK, Liverpool is renowned for its cultural attractions, musical heritage, shopping and nightlife.

Amazing Attractions


There are so many attractions to see and experience in Liverpool. These include Liverpool’s waterfront (a World Heritage Site), 2 cathedrals, the 60-metre tall Wheel of Liverpool and ferry cruises along the River Mersey. You can even safely mix with lions, tigers, giraffes and baboons at nearby Knowsley Safari Park!

European Capital of Culture in 2008, Liverpool can make some pretty big claims in terms of its contribution to global culture. Everybody knows about the Beatles, however, the city has offered so much more, with venues like Macguire’s and The Kazimier, and events like the Biennial. The extensive nature of culture in Liverpool from FACT to The Tate, from the Bluecoat to the Everyman, there are many unique hubs for creativity.


For students, the cultural vibrancy on offer allows them a way to interact and connect with their surroundings that makes them want to stay in the city after the end of their degree. This a city that turned it’s bombed-out church into a concert venue, and has a night specifically dedicated to wandering around and looking at various light installations throughout the city. Liverpool’s culture augments its environment, allowing new students to easily connect with the city.

China Town


Liverpool’s China town is the first Chinatown established in Europe. The Chinese Arch, 13.5 meters high, is the largest and biggest arch standing outside the mainland of China. Piece by piece, the structure was imported from Shanghai and reconstructed by craftsmen from China. You can taste the authentic flavours of Northern Chinese Cuisine, Cantonese dim sums and Szechuan hot chilly dishes along with a wide range of wines, spirits and beers.



A prerequisite for any student city is a good nightlife in order to ensure the best students work hard - and play even harder. Almost every ‘listicle’ seems to claim their city’s nightlife to be above all else. However, Liverpool’s got placed third on things to experience in an international bucket list, just above the Great Wall of China, in fact.

It's obviously got some big claims to make, especially as this is the birthplace of clubbing brand Cream.


Students in Liverpool are spoilt for choice: Monday Raz, Tuesday Bumper, Wednesday Level, Thursday Juicy, Friday Entry Bar- if you're looking for a good student night you, won’t find yourself disappointed.

However, if you find yourself looking for a less-than-typical night out experience, you need look no further than the warehouse scene in the Baltic Triangle, with nights hosted at places such as the Camp & Furnace and 24 Kitchen Street. While Alma de Cuba, a bar in a former church, as well as the multitude of secret bars, such as Berry and Rye and Ex-Directory provide another avenue for a less-than-typical experience.

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